Mini tijeras COHANA


  • Mini tijera con funda de eco-piel y borla


Mini tijeras COHANA

Cohana es una marca japonesa que combinan tradición, artesanía y funcionalidad para una pura comodidad del artesano.
Las mini tijeras Cohana son herramientas y piezas elegantes hechas a mano de forma tradicional, que se convierten en unas verdaderas obras de arte para llevar su experiencia de artesanía al siguiente nivel! Las Mini tijeras COHANA tienen diferentes bordas de colores.

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Story to show Japanese craftsmanship through the things, the place and the people related to Cohana’s products. Our first story is about OISEI Foundry in Iwate, the birthplace of “Nambu Iron Paperweight”.


In 1975, Nambu Ironware was designated as the first traditional craft by the Japanese government. From the very early stage of the Cohana project, we had a strong desire to create a paperweight using Nambu Ironware.

Mr. Takashi Oikawa, the chairman of OISEI Foundry, responded to our wish and gladly accepted our idea. We were impressed by his generosity in responding to our various requests, such as making it stackable, adjusting the hole diameter so that it could be used as a pen stand, and using a tasteful color.

I was wondering how Cohana’s Nambu Iron Paperweights are made by the hands of artisans…. The plane arrived at Iwate Hanamaki Airport with my excited anticipation for the interview.

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